HTML Freewrite

This Monday, August 16, 2022 @ 5pm EST, we'll be hosting an experiment.

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5-6pm make make make
6-7pm think share publish

What is a HTML freewrite?

We will be writing vanilla HTML, CSS, and maybe a little JavaScript together. The idea is pretty loose and self-directed. Come to the freewrite with a project in mind or just write in the moment.

How much HTML should I know?

It’s really up to you. It’s completely okay to use the freewrite to learn HTML if you are just starting out. If you get stuck you can try to ask other Hack Clubbers for help.

Are frameworks/libraries allowed?

There’s nothing stopping you from using a framework but think of this as a time to get use the foundational languages that made the web great to begin with. The intention of the free write is to write, discuss, and share some of our documents/web pages on the www.

I write too much HTML already. Is there anything else I can do during the freewrite?

Why not teach someone HTML. If more people learned how to self publish on the web, we wouldn’t need many of the big platforms that people depend on to participate in the web today.


Justin Jackson's words about web design/development:

How to participate...

Join us in #free-write!


How to participate...

Join us in #free-write in the Hack Club Slack!


Follow the Hack Club Code of Conduct.

this event is inspired by and copied from html energy
this event is hosted by members of the hack club community